Eye Treatments

Eye Treatments

Eyes are the window to the soul....

So, lets make them look amazing!

With such an array of eye treatments available, it is easy to make your eyes stand out. From shaping and framing the eye with a precision brow, to enhancing the lashes, we can make your eyes look great.


Q.      What eye treatments do we offer?

  • Lash and Brow tinting - colour the lashes or brows to add gloss and colour everyday. Lasts up to 6 weeks
  • Eyebrow shaping (using tweezers or wax) - shape the brows for a perfect frame
  • Lash Lift - no need for extenstions! Shape and lift your own lashes to reveal more of the lash length, giving the appearance of a wide open eye with long natural lashes.
  • Strip lash application - super quick treatment, designed for temporary wear (one night), available in a range of lengths and styles
  • Party (cluster) lashes - lasts 3-5 days, give your lashes a length boost with these lashes, designed to see you through your busy weekend!
  • Individual lashes - last 3-4 weeks, will require maintenance, but well worth it! No need for mascara, and these are tailored to suit you perfectly, including length and volume
  • 3D volume lashes - last 3-4 weeks, will require maintenance, incredible volume tailored to your preference. Choose your length and volume and away you go (ask for 3D volume + for super volume!!)

Q.      Do I need a patch test?

Yes, all treatments involving adhesive, or tint near your eyes will require a patch test. You will also need a patch test if you are having a different type of lashes, e.g. if you have had strip lashes, but now would like individual or 3D volume lashes, as the adhesive is different. Patch tests are performed by putting one or two lashes on the eye area (small edge lashes), or by applying a small amount of tint or lash lift solutions behind the ear.

Q.      How long does the treatment take?

It will vary depending on the treatment, and your requirements. A rough guideline is:

  • Lash and Brow tinting - 15-20 minutes (for a lash & brow tint)
  • Eyebrow shaping (using tweezers or wax) - 15 minutes
  • Lash Lift - 45 mins
  • Strip lash application - 15 minutes
  • Party (cluster) lashes - 25 minutes
  • Individual lashes - 60 - 120 minutes
  • 3D volume lashes - 90 - 120 minutes
  • Lash Maintenance - 45 minutes

Q.      Do I need more than one treatment to get the full benefit?

No, but you will need maintenance if you want them to continue looking amazing. Lashes will naturally fall, taking their extensions with them (this will happen quicker the more you touch them!). Lashes and brows will also grow, causing the tint to need to be re-applied, or the tint may fade. Brows will grow back, taking away the shape previously created.

It is quicker, and cheaper to have maintenance, where your lashes will be checked, loose ones removed and replaced, and any gaps filled. Waiting for your lashes to come off completely, or removing them yourself can cause the natural lashes damage, and leave you patchy.

Q.      What pre-care advice should I follow?

For full pre and aftercare details, please download our treatment advice sheet below.

To make your treatment run smoothly, and to get the most time out of your appointment, try to:

  • Attend your appointment without eye make-up on
  • Remove contact lenses, or bring your lens case and solution with you to the appointment
  • Schedule removal for existing lashes if required prior to booking a new full set

Q.      What after-care advice should I follow?

For full pre and aftercare details, please download our treatment advice sheet below.

To enhance your treatment, and ensure your lashes last as long as possible:

  • Don't touch the lashes once they are in place
  • Try not to sleep face down on your pillow
  • Avoid using mascara
  • Schedule your maintenance appointment before leaving the salon

Download our Treatment Advice Sheet for full details

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