Patch Testing and Consultation

Patch Testing and Consultation


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What is a Patch Test?



A patch test is a product, or piece of equipment that is applied to the area that you are going to be working on to see if, or how the skin and surrounding area will react to the service. It is essential for chemical based treatments, to ensure your skin will not form an allergy to the product, or in the case of a treatment such as IPL Skin Rejuvenation, to ensure the skin is able to take the heat and light penetration without damage. 

Consultation sessions are available to be booked, and the fee is refundable off of your first treatment.

During a consultation, your therapist will give you all of the details about the treatment. You will have the chance to ask questions, find out how to prepare yourself or your skin for the best possible outcome, and also how to be prepared for the after effects. Some treatments are more effective with good aftercare management.

In many cases, our insurance requires us to complete a patch test at least 48 hours - 7 days prior to the treatment. This will take place in your consultation.

For body sculpting treatments, you may be weighed and measured during your consultation to ensure you have maximum time using the equipment during your appointment, and this will allow us to ensure the treatment is effective. If you are a regular customer, you should only need one consultation session at the start of your course of treatments. After this, ongoing consultations will take place at the time of treatment. ALL TREATMENTS WILL HAVE A CONSULTATION - but only some will need a specific allocated time due to the detail involved.

We have set up a medical history online form for submission BEFORE consultation to try to eliminate clients who are not eligible for treatment. We aim to screen these submitted forms PRIOR to consultation, and contact you directly to discuss the results if we feel that you are not suitable for treatment. This will then enable us to cancel and refund your consultation or booking fee. It is essential that you complete these forms fully, and honestly as incorrect or incomplete information may leave you unprotected under our insurance policies. However, during consultation, after visual and verbal analysis, the therapist may decide that you are not eligible for treatment. Unfortunately, in these cases, we will not be able to refund your consultation or booking fee.

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