Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal


Remove hair painlessly, once and for all with our safe but effective 3 wavelength diode laser machine.

Laser Hair Removal

Using an automatically chilled handpiece to deliver a 3 wavelength laser beam to destroy the hair, we can remove hair growth quickly and without pain. Alternatively, we can reduce hair growth with our SHR IPL technology.

The growth rate for body hair is around 6 inches per year... Lets put a stop to that!

It is essential that we get your treatment right - exactly how you want it! But, it is also crucial that you are able to maintain the effects after leaving the salon. Pre-care and after-care are just as important as the treatment itself, and will keep the treatment area looking its best between treatments.

For this reason, we have information specifically about each treatment that we recommend you view before visiting us. You can also download a printable treatment leaflet with the pre- and after-care requirements.

Please note - You will be asked to confirm that you have been given this information, and that you have been made aware of the information being available on the website during your consultation for treatment.

We have set up a medical history online form for submission BEFORE consultation to try to eliminate clients who are not eligible for treatment. We aim to screen these submitted forms PRIOR to consultation, and contact you directly to discuss the results if we feel that you are not suitable for treatment. This will then enable us to cancel and refund your consultation fee. It is essential that you complete these forms fully, and honestly as incorrect or incomplete information may leave you unprotected under our insurance policies. However, during consultation, after visual and verbal analysis, the therapist may decide that you are not eligible for treatment. Unfortunately, in these cases, we will not be able to refund your consultation fee.

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